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ABOUT Aldo’s Coffee

THe Aldo’s Story

Since 1987, Aldo has been roasting coffee and baking his famous biscotti and scones at his European-style cafe in Greenport, New York. Today, Aldo's coffees are served in restaurants and shops across the North Fork and the Hamptons and shipped to loyal customers around the world. You are invited to shop this site or, come visit the cafe. During the summer months the line at the coffee bar will be long, but it will be worth the wait.

"Aldo's cafe in Greenport was one of those places. The proprietor could hold his own with the great cafe keepers of Paris. Part chef, part raconteur, part shrink, he told stories, cracked jokes, and commiserated with customers. We felt so at home, so welcome at Aldo's that I started thinking it might be cool to live year-round in Greenport"

It all begins with Aldo...

Aldo Maiorana was born in Carini, Sicily and raised in the Provence region of France.

While serving as majordomo to the French Navy's commander in the South Pacific, he lived a childhood fantasy, a Robinson Crusoe life in New Caledonia.

After the South Pacific, Aldo was off to Paris, Caracas, and Tourrettes-sur-Loup, a medieval village in Provence. There he owned a restaurant housed in a stone and mortar building, cooking on fire and pouring local French wine.

In 1978, Aldo landed on the East End, which has been his home ever since. Here in America, Aldo missed some of the pleasures that he enjoyed in the past, one of which was deep, rich coffee. A consummate originator, Aldo bought a coffee roaster, sourced beans from selected origins, and crafted the coffee he craved. He named his creation, Orient' Espresso, to honor his new home and his old.

In 2007, the coffee behemoth Starbucks opened its first location in Greenport—directly across the street from Aldo's. Never one to worry about competition, Aldo continued roasting his beans and baking his scones and biscotti. Lines of loyal patrons continued to form out the door at Aldo's, and in October of 2011, Starbucks left town.

Who needs Starbucks? We have Aldo. Read Here.

And then there is the biscotti…

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