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Experience the exceptional with our Costa Rica coffee, sourced from the renowned Las Lajas organic micromill nestled in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. In a country where organic coffee is a rarity, this brew stands as a true testament to sustainability and flavor.

Hand-roasted in small batches and made fresh daily, it's a reflection of our commitment to quality. Las Lajas' dedication to environmental preservation shines through in their organic practices, making this coffee one of a kind.

Each cup unveils a journey of flavors, as the beans are meticulously traced and separated by day, ensuring unparalleled traceability. With minimal water usage and a unique non-washed process, this coffee embodies sustainability at its best.

The optimal picking time is determined through precise Brix content measurements in the coffee cherry during harvest. Embrace the allure of our all-organic, small-batch Costa Rica coffee—a blend that transcends tradition and taste.